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No #SpoilerAlert Needed for Colorado School Board Elections Spending

No #SpoilerAlert Needed for Colorado School Board Elections Spending

Peg Perl (Huffington Post)-

Imagine you have been binge-watching episodes of your latest obsession on Netflix and just at the moment a major plot twist will be explained (like #whoshotannalise), the screen goes dark. NO! Now you’ll never know who it was?!

Coloradans may soon have that same feeling about who was actually behind the dramatic wins and losses of the 2015 School Board elections. The big reveal is supposed to be on December 3, when post-election spending reports are due to be filed with the Secretary of State. But a combination of state laws treating school board elections differently than other state candidate elections and the post-Citizens United boom in non-candidate group spending will have voters shaking their heads in the dark… Click here to read the full story in the Huffington Post.

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