Colorado’s ethics watchdog will stop watching. Here’s why.

Colorado’s ethics watchdog will stop watching. Here’s why.

Susan Green (Colorado Independent)- Colorado Ethics Watch, the nonprofit that has made transparency and accountability in state and local government its business since 2006, is shutting down in December. The Independent checked in with executive director Luis Toro on Wednesday to discuss why, and what his group’s closure means for our square, swing state.

The Indy: Sad news, Luis. We and other news outlets count on Ethics Watch and your work. What happened?

Toro: After 11 years of doing this, the model we’ve been operating under isn’t really necessary anymore. When we first started, we were bringing awareness to the fact that in Colorado, we have private party enforcement, meaning that private citizens, not state officials, investigate ethics complaints. We’ve shown people how to pursue ethics complaints and now they’re doing them on their own. This has been a big year for complaints with the Ethics Commission – 47 filed so far, I believe. I think that’s a record number. And none of them were filed by us.

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