Colorado Ethics Watch group comes to an end after eleven years

Colorado Ethics Watch group comes to an end after eleven years

9News NEXT WITH KYLE CLARK – Colorado Ethics Watch will close up shop after eleven years. The state’s watchdog “identified breaches in ethic codes and campaign finance law, worked towards legislative fixes in accountability and transparency, and monitored the activities of the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission,” according to their website.

Luis Toro, executive director of Ethics Watch, sat down for an interview with Next with Kyle Clark to talk about who will now watch on behalf of Coloradans when the group closes its doors at the end of the year.

Q: Who’s watching the ethics at that point?

A: We’re hoping that we’ve already paved the way to have citizens help enforce ethics law because what’s unique about Colorado is that ordinary citizens and private groups are expected to enforce campaign finance and ethics laws at their own expense so when we started in 2006, we can really say if ethics watch didn’t do it no one would, and that’s really not true anymore. We’ve seen a record number of ethics complaints filed this year with the state ethics commission and we didn’t file any of them.

Other people are also filing campaign finance complaints, we’ve kind of shown that it could be done and as far as that work goes, we haven’t been filing much and other people have so that’s really our core area that we have to worry about being taking care of and other than that, the work we’ve done in transparency can be done by the Freedom of Information Coalition, a lot of the legislative work we’ve done, we could look to the Common Cause  to continue to carry that torch, so I feel confident that the work we’ve done is not going to fall by the wayside.

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