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Plenty of secrecy in funding of District 38 school board races

Maria St. Louis-Sanchez (The Colorado Springs Gazette)-

The Lewis-Palmer School District 38 School Board election was particularly secretive this year, with large donors not reported on campaign filings and one secretive committee that has ties to a Colorado Republican operative who has been disciplined for political dealings.

“This race was very dirty,” said Sarah Sampayo, who narrowly beat out teacher-supported candidate Kris Beasley in Lewis-Palmer’s District 2 race. “This was my first experience with politics and hope it’s my last.” Click Here to read the full article >>

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Wisdom from Bill Murray: don’t bet on Colorado elections

Corey Hutchins (The Colorado Independent)-

An election over whether to raise the local sales tax here to fix potholes is over — it passed — but there was one question still lingering today about the vote. Would Councilman Bill Murray try to collect on a $100 bet he made with anti-tax activist Douglas Bruce about how the tax measure would fare?

Murray won’t. Because doing so could be illegal… Click here to read the full article >>

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Conservative school board members ousted in Colorado recalls

Ivan Moreno (Associated Press)-

Three conservative school board members elected on promises to reform teacher pay and boost charter schools in suburban Denver were overwhelmingly recalled in a high-priced election that highlighted the continuing importance of teachers’ unions in education politics.

The fight in Jefferson County, Colorado’s second-largest school district, drew hundreds of thousands of dollars in spending from outside groups, all for offices that aren’t paid. Recall supporters included teacher unions, while the three board members were backed by the conservative powerhouse Americans For Prosperity.

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Sen. Gardner’s committee advances 4 names for federal judge in Colorado

Monica Mendoza (Denver Business Journal)-

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) and his federal judicial search committee have announced a short list for the vacancy on U.S. District Court in Colorado.

Gardner Tuesday said his Judicial Evaluation Committee, which he put together in August, has recommended four legal professionals as potential nominees to fill the vacancy on the U.S. District Court of Colorado created by Judge Robert Blackburn’s move to senior status… Click here to read the full article in The Denver Business Journal.

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Smoke screen of outside money, complex disclosure laws obscure spending in school board races

Todd Engdahl (Chalkbeat Colorado)-

Good luck if you’re trying to follow the money in Colorado’s increasingly expensive and contentious school board races.

Increased involvement by outside groups and inconsistencies in state law have made it harder for voters to track who’s supporting board candidates.

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In Colorado battleground county, conservative school board members face recall efforts

Ivan Moreno (US News and World Report)-

Angry parents and educators in a Colorado battleground county are trying to recall three conservative school board members Tuesday, citing several complaints, including a change in how teachers get pay raises and talk of reviewing the history curriculum to promote patriotism.

The idea prompted students to walk out of class and protest in the streets last year. Teachers staged sick-outs, the Jefferson County district claimed.

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Dark money, lies and disclosure in the JeffCo school board race

Marianne Goodland (The Colorado Independent)- Groups opposed to the recall of three conservative Jefferson County Board of Education members are doing their best to keep under wraps how much they’re spending on opposition mailers or TV time. And these groups are getting help in hiding that spending from an industry that normally advocates for the public’s right to know: Denver’s broadcast TV stations.

The Colorado Independent has so far been able to tie at least $261,000 in advertising to the groups that either directly advocate against the recall or in favor of actions taken by the board majority. All but $41,000 comes from groups that are not required by either state or federal law to disclose donations or how they spend their money. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Watchdog group files complaints against groups pushing recall

Gabrielle Porter (High Timber Times)- A Colorado Springs-based watchdog organization has accused groups involved in instigating the recall of three Jeffco school members of violating state campaign finance laws in two lawsuits that will go before Colorado’s Office of Administrative Courts.

Colorado Government Watch alleged in an Oct. 13 complaint that nonprofit groups Jeffco United and Support Jeffco Kids — both of which have ties to the organization that initiated the recall of conservative school board members John Newkirk, Ken Witt and Julie Williams — are acting as financial pass-throughs for campaign funds while their nonprofit status protects them from disclosing donors. Colorado Government Watch wants the state to require both groups to register as issue committees, which would force them to disclose their donors, said director Dede Laugesen.

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Anonymous benefactor pays for city officials to attend Olympic Museum meeting

Pam Zubeck (Colorado Springs Independent)- Last month, eight people from Colorado Springs, including city employees, boarded a plane for New York City to talk about improvements to the streetscape and infrastructure surrounding the Olympic Museum and Hall of Fame with the project’s New York-based designer.

In an unusual move, the nonprofit Colorado Springs Sports Corp. used a donation from an unnamed “private foundation” to fund $15,748 in travel expenses for three city employees and two others associated with the city.

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2nd search committee name in hunt for Colorado federal judge

Monica Mendoza (Denver Business Journal)- It appears there are dueling search committees for the hunt to fill a vacancy on U.S. District Court in Colorado.

Today, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colorado, announced the formation of a bipartisan advisory committee that will recommend qualified applicants to fill an upcoming vacancy on the U.S. District Court in Colorado, created by Judge Robert Blackburn’s taking senior status on April 12, 2016.

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