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Marble disputes ethics charge, said she didn’t know who paid for town hall

Marianne Goodland (Colorado Politics) – In just over two weeks, the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission will hold a formal hearing to determine whether Sen. Vicki Marble violated the state’s ethics law concerning gifts to lawmakers.

The Commission worked through pre-trial motions Thursday in preparation for the Jan. 8 meeting, which could feature testimony by Marble, an Extraction Oil & Gas employee and Marble’s legislative aide. The five-member group could rule on the complaint following the hearing.

Last June the ethics body decided to investigate a complaint filed against the Fort Collins Republican by Sarah Hall Mann of Broomfield. The complaint deals with a Feb. 15 town hall hosted by Marble at a Broomfield restaurant. The event was paid for by Brian Cain, a media relations spokesperson for Extraction Oil & Gas.

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Loveland joins with home rule cities to protest state involvement in Weld County case

Julia Rensch (Loveland Reporter-Herald) – A court brief filed by the Colorado Municipal League on Wednesday bearing signatures from the Loveland city attorney’s office aims to re-assert the rights of home-rule cities, towns and counties to handle their own governance issues.

The brief weighs in on an issue of constitutional interpretation, which may ultimately need to be resolved before the Colorado Supreme Court.

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Boulder County’s Elise Jones accused of conflict of interest involving sister’s Eco-Cycle job

John Fyer (Longmont Times Call)- A Boulder County resident filed a state ethics complaint Wednesday alleging County Commissioner Elise Jones violated Colorado’s conflict-of-interest laws in a number of votes that could financially benefit Eco-Cycle, the recycling agency headed by her twin sister, Boulder Mayor Suzanne Jones.

Chuck Wibby, who’s been battling Boulder County over subdivision road repaving, filed the complaint with the Independent Ethics Commission, accusing Elise Jones of active participation in several county board meetings — or at least the pertinent portions of those meetings — involving items affecting Eco-Cycle.

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