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SOS finds “reasonable grounds” that ALC violated lobbyist law

SOS finds “reasonable grounds” that ALC violated lobbyist law

Today, Colorado Deputy Secretary of State Suzanne Steiert found that “reasonable grounds” exist to believe American Lands Council (ALC) or its staff broke Colorado lobbying registration law.

The finding came in response to a lobbying complaint filed by Ethics Watch after ALC emailed Coloradans and urged them to contact legislators in support of a bill to study transferring federal public land to the state. ALC did not report any lobbying spending nor registered itself or a paid staff member as a registered lobbyist, as required by Colorado law.

ALC has thirty days to respond in writing to the finding.

The Secretary of State could issue a cease-and-desist order requiring ALC to comply with lobbying disclosure law or refer the matter for criminal prosecution. Willful violation of the lobbying law is a misdemeanor.

Ethics Watch Director Luis Toro said: “We are pleased that the Secretary of State has taken this complaint seriously and conducted a thorough preliminary investigation. American Lands Council is free to lobby like anyone else; all we ask is that they abide by the same rules that apply to everyone else who lobbies the Colorado legislature.”

Helpful Links:

  • Click here to read the Deputy Secretary of State’s Notice of Hearing or view below.
  • Click here to read more about Ethics Watch’s complaint.
  • CO SOS Notice of Hearing on American Lands Council lobbying complaint by Colorado Ethics Watch:

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