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Monthly Archives: Jun 2016

Attorney Frank Azar pours money into another DA race

Marianne Goodland (Colorado Independent)- Why is local attorney and famed ambulance-chaser Frank Azar so interested in who runs the district attorney offices in at least two districts?

Azar is the biggest contributor to an independent expenditure committee that backs University of Colorado Regent Michael Carrigan in his primary run for the Denver District Attorney office. He faces state Rep. Beth McCann and current assistant Denver District Attorney Kenneth Boyd in the June 28 contest.

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Keyser admits personal finance disclosures inaccurate and months late

Marianne Goodland (Colorado Independent)- U.S. Senate candidate and former state Rep. Jon Keyser of Morrison has another problem that his opponents claim goes to his credibility. And it’s no small deal – incomplete and missing financial disclosures that could carry criminal penalties.

State lawmakers and lawmaker wannabes are required every year to file personal financial disclosure documents that show their major assets, debts and sources of income for themselves and spouses.

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Trump’s comment on Mexican-American federal judge draws criticism from locals

Catherine Sweeney (Greeley Tribune)- Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been criticizing a Mexican-American judge, saying the man can’t stay objective given his race, and locals in the justice system are calling bull.

Trump — a Republican candidate who has campaigned on building a wall between the United States and Mexico — is in litigation over Trump University, a for-profit real estate training program.

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