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Issue & Policy Work

Issues we work on and why

Campaign Finance

Who spends money on our elections matters. Where they spend it matters too – school board races, state legislator races, and beyond. Money in political races impacts what information gets to voters and what doesn’t. Coloradans deserve to know where the money is coming from and why – that’s where we come in. We track down sources and study outcomes, reporting on what we find to ensure there is as much transparency in our election process as possible.


No matter how small the corruption, it makes a difference to our political system. Colorado can’t afford to have public officials or organizations controlling our schools, towns, legislature, or judicial benches. We deserve public office holders who perform the tasks for their jobs corruption-free – and we need to hold them accountable when they don’t.

Courts Matter

Did you know that there are many spots for federal judges that have not been filled in years due to partisan bickering? A smaller bench leads to longer wait times for important trials, as well as under representation for minorities. Read more here >>


Coloradans deserve transparent political processes, from elections, to group meetings of our elected officials, to rule makings, and other rulings. That’s why we track down where money in our elections comes from, file briefs and CORA requests on a regular basis, and keep an eye on the IEC. We also post documents collected from government entities, along with key filings and decisions from our lawsuits, on our Scribd page.