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Ethics Watch Gains Independence

Ethics Watch Gains Independence

After 10 years of representing Colorado as the only statewide project of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Colorado Ethics Watch has become an independent organization.

“A decade of serving Colorado citizens by promoting government transparency and holding public officials accountable has rewarded us with tremendous support, and lots of work to do, right here in Colorado,” said Luis Toro, Director of Colorado Ethics Watch. “We are thrilled to stand on our own.”

In tandem with legal actions, Ethics Watch executes a comprehensive communications strategy to bring attention to misconduct in public life while also educating the public about ethics, transparency, nonpartisan election administration, and the importance of a strong, independent state and federal judiciary.

“From monitoring the IEC since its inception, to bringing to light some of Colorado’s most egregiously corrupted officials, Ethics Watch is the difference between corruption and honesty in Colorado’s government,” said Toro. “Without Ethics Watch, there is no barrier to corruption.”

In addition, Ethics Watch has been actively monitoring the activities of the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission (IEC) since the IEC first met in 2008. To provide an independent source of information about IEC activities, Ethics Watch compiles a chronology of IEC activities and related documents submitted to or produced by the IEC.

Ethics Watch also leads Courts Matter Colorado, a coalition of organizations united to educate the public about the importance of federal courts and to advocate for a fair, diverse, and fully staffed federal judiciary.

Founded in 2006, Colorado Ethics Watch is a non-profit, legal watchdog group dedicated to identifying and exposing ethics issues in city, county and state governments in Colorado, ultimately holding public officials accountable. Ethics Watch’s experience using existing legal tools to promote clean government uniquely positions the organization to hold public officials accountable and to encourage reform.

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